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Verizon is a leading telecommunication company. If you want to buy Verizon Stock it’s the time to go ahead.
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January 31, 2021

What is Verizon? Significance and history

When we name the largest telecommunications companies, Verizon stands into them. The foundation of this company was lead in June 2000. So, the company has delighted 20 years of excellence, dedication, and serving. Its headquarter is located in New York, but its branches are present all over the world. Its leading success can be understood because it generated a revenue of 128.3 billion dollars only in the year 2020. Verizon is offering its services in all audio and video tools and provides the solution to related problems. It is also famous for the blind trust of customers in it.

Verizon is serving for the past 20 years in the digital world by upgrading and developing their worker’s and systems’ skills to use this collaboration to a better society. It is connecting humans and businesses to solve the complexities in the field of information technology. Verizon is also famous for giving priority to the customer’s satisfaction. Having smart and intelligent brains in its team is part of its development and growth. Moreover, the stocks of the company have gained significant importance in the field of trade.

 The team of Verizon is highly trained and educated, especially for their profession. The company’s aims also consist of promoting information technology among the youth to a welfare society. This telecommunication company promises to bring up products that are secure, safe, and trustworthy. The company also aims to improve the lives of people through its services. It also trains the people and shares its achievements with the public, yearly.

Now, we are well-informed about what is Verizon. Let’s get straight into the progress of the company:

Verizon is a company that grew very rapidly, and obviously, it has generated a lot of revenue by offering its products and services. It is a future aimed brand that has a plan to multiply its earnings in the next years.  Its motivation is easily known by the fact that it launched its new products even in the pandemic. This means that even COVID-19 hadn’t affected it badly.

The company expects to raise financially with its new services, such as the launch of 5G. With the introduction of 5G in the market, Verizon will connect both investors and buyers. As more people will shift to 5G, it would start making revenue. This seems quite a golden opportunity. Also, many other products by Verizon are a must in different countries in technology. They are also serving for its progress.

Let’s get an overview of Verizon’s financial position.

Verizon has already succeeded in ranking itself among the world’s major telecommunication authorities. Let’s take an example of introducing 5G to the market. It holds a lot of investment and a lot of risks. In the past, Verizon has faced some failures regarding buying Yahoo for a media business. This was a stock hurt. But it has again invested exclusively in 5G. This means Verizon is capable of such investments financially. The company has a successful and constant free cash flow that keeps its revenue stable.

Verizon also has a strong professional relationship with investors. They trust in it and keep on investing in its tempting plans. It can be estimated by its price-to-earnings ratio, which is 12%. It is a catchy opportunity for the investors because its stock has generated a return of about 66% in the last five years while the product T-mobile has grown over 250% in the same five years. So it has a lot of investing chances for the people interested in investment. It also gives a facility to investors that they can’t sell the shares in the market downturn with a rising dividend.

Is it profitable to buy Verizon stock? Let’s discuss

If we take a closer look at the revenue generated and the company’s financial position, it is evident that buying Verizon stock would prove very profitable and healthy. The company had faced some stock hurts in some products, but it doesn’t show its failure. It is also making some slow curves of progress. Also, the investment in the launch of 5G would prove very progressive. If the company keeps providing focused and dedicated services, it will catch more business and financial support. The company’s stock is a must buy also for the reason that its clients and investors are satisfied with its progress.

Investors expecting reliability, security, and profit in terms of investment should invest in Verizon as it promises all of the above. Verizon is strongly attracting especially growth and income investors. The yearly progress report revealed by the company is always a showcase of its success.

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