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If you are interested in investing in Uber stocks, you need to educate yourself about its current situation. This article will guide you about the steps you should take.
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Is Buying Uber Stock Right? A Comprehensive Guide for You

Are you planning to buy Uber stock? You need to know the market status of the company’s stock value before you make any investment. Having thorough market research and analysis will keep you safe from losing your hard-earned money if you want to trade stocks. There you go with all the details about the progress and current situation of Uber company and its stocks’ market value.

A Brief Intro to The Company

It is an American based technology company. It was formerly called Uber cab. It serves in food delivery, couriers, and many other vehicle-based services. Uber is giving its services in many countries all across the world. It also provides the ease of renting four-wheel or two-wheel vehicles. This kind of advanced riding service is developing day by day.

Uber was an idea of two persons who happened to be stuck in a cold, snowy evening in Paris. Not finding any taxi or cab, they planned an online cab service to call a cab by using his phone. Thanks to the technology of location information by the Google maps, it became effortless to reach uber. Because of its significance, it gained a lot of quick fame in big cities. Over time, uber overgrew, and today it is a lot more than a taxi service.

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As they always say, “it all starts with a little idea,” that stormy night became a basis for the uber. Today, when uber provides its services to more than 80 countries and has a vast team of dedicated riders, it is a must say that a little motivation is a foundation for big plans. The most important thing is that the clients have to tap over their phones and get a relaxed riding experience.

We portrayed a clear picture of what uber is? Let’s dive into our primary concern; what is the value of buying uber stocks?

Uber _ what is the market value, and why invest in it?

To clarify, we will discuss here the market share of uber in US time by time. It acquired

  • 85% of US market share in April 2016
  • 77% of US market shares in April 2017
  • 71% of US market shares in April 2018
  • 69% of US market shares in May 2019
  • 71% of US market shares in April 2020.

And the annual net revenue of uber went on increasing every year. The loss rate of uber reached 61% in 2017. The company faced a lot of loss situations every year. Similarly, uber revealed that it lost 8.5 billion dollars in 2019. That’s a lot of money.

Uber faced a kind of pressure from investors, and another reason is the pandemic.

Effects of COVID-19 on Uber

During the pandemic of COVID-19, the company faced a lot of pressure. Uber lost a lot of earning opportunities because of a sudden decrease in trips. About more than half of the riders couldn’t find bookings.

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Although the food riders were in demand, and the food delivery rate doubled, the primary source of income was demolished. Just like all the other industries, uber faced this loss. The revenue of food riders increased, but the fall of cab booking below 75% was very depressing. But, uber is reviving its value back.

In the areas where the situation was controlled, the bookings of trips are bounced back, and uber has started generating revenue. The CEO of Uber has enthusiastically clarified that they will come up with more effort and motivation. They have also launched new strategies in terms of food-riding, which they found more effective during the pandemic. Uber is all ready to make money as early as they lost it.

The Current Position of Uber in Market

Uber generated handsome revenue in the market at the beginning of its business. A small loss was also observed, but the gain ratio was higher. So it was considered the right investment place. After the pandemic breakdown, revenue was decreased highly, and the company had to suffer a lot. So, it is challenging for uber to regain its value in the market. Chances are also there for uber to beat in this situation and take the profit to an upper level. The company is offering its riding services all over the world, and it has become a brand. The stock price of uber was 22.82 billion US dollars in April 2020 and was raised to 30.68 billion US dollars in July 2020.

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