List of Corporate bonds for Sale

How corporate bonds are significant as compared to stocks. Check the risks and benefits of trading in corporate bonds and a list of some corporate bonds for sale.
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List of Corporate bonds for Sale

Normally, the idea of bond comes up with the purpose of raising money from banks or other governmental organizations. Buying a bond means you are giving a loan to the bank, and they are bound to pay back the value of the bond at some specific time. This is also a type of trade.

Corporate bonds are somehow similar but also have some major differences. Let’s check what a corporate bond is?


What Are Corporate Bonds?

A corporate bond is a kind of loan. The person who is buying the bond is lending an amount to the firm issuing the bond. The company is then committed legally to pay interest to the buyer. After the due date, the bond matures, and the amount is returned to the investor. The interest rate is fixed in some cases and variable in others. A firm issues corporate bonds to raise its money, and the investors buy them to receive a set of timely interest payments. Corporate bonds are a direct link between investors and firms, but this type of trading also occurs in the secondary market.

Corporate bonds are a pickup for investors. WHY?

In addition to their strong returns, corporate bonds have many other benefits that attract the investors towards them, such as:

  • Corporate bonds offer a lot of options for the convenience of buyers. Short-term corporate bonds and long-term corporate bonds both have different life spans. Former expire in two to five years, and later ones have a maturity period of about 12 years.
  • Corporate bonds also offer a range of coupon rates. The bonds with nil coupon rates do not make interests. The bonds with a specific coupon rate provide an interest payment until they reach maturity time.
  • Corporate bonds offer another beneficial opportunity to investors. The buyers can also trade these bonds in secondary markets. This means that investors can buy or sell bonds according to their market value.
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Although trading in corporate bonds is less risky, it is not free-of-risks at all. Here are some pieces of evidence:

Risks Involved in Buying Corporate Bonds


  • The first major risk while investing in corporate bonds is that of security. If the firm issuing corporate bonds runs out of credit, the investor will face a disaster. He will not get the interest payments and may also lose the principal investment amount.
  • Another risk is systematic risk. The companies issuing corporate bonds have a constant cash flow. They receive money from parties and return it to others. This keeps the money in circulation. But there are times when companies are facing thick and thin, and the cash flow might be disrupted. This makes the investors suffer, and they may face a loss. So it is not true to say that corporate bonds are the perfect investing schemes.

Corporate bonds offer a lot of variety and options. So it has multiple types on the basis of different terms.

On the basis of time, corporate bonds can be enlisted as:

  • Short-term bonds are designed to have a duration of less than or equal to three years. These bonds are used more than the other types because of their short duration.
  • Medium-term bonds have a duration of less than and equal to ten years. Their minimum time limit is more than three years.
  • Long-term bonds, as the name implies, have a duration of more than ten years. They yield more interest rates than both other types.

 Corporate bonds are also classified based on the yield of interest:

  • The bonds with zero-coupon value will yield a zero interest rate until the end of the duration. If the firm that issues bonds has paid the investor, he will pay taxes according to the bond’s current market value.
  • Varying rates bond change their payment time-to-time. The period is mostly six months. They change the interest rates after considering so many things.
  • Coupon-paid-bonds are also called fixed-rate bonds and are the most widely traded. In this type, the investor receives the same amount of interest rate every month. The coupon rate is the fixed amount of interest rate.
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Corporate bonds are highly structured bonds. They include some flaws, but they are very unique and occasional. Now we want to enlist some corporate bonds for sale.

Some Beneficial Bonds to Invest In

  • Schwab 5-10 year Corp Bd ETF is at the top of the list. Its high ranking specializes in this bond in terms of costs and the absence of tracking errors.
  • SPDR Portfolio Interm Term Corp Bd ETF is the second pick up because of its attributes. It is a long-term corporate bond that is characterized by high usage. It is also ranked very high in terms of diversity and costs by experts.
  • Goldman Sachs Acss Invmt Grd Corp Bd ETF is a corporate bond known for its high yield of the interest rate. It is also excellent in Bid/Ask ratio and holding diversity. It is also the best option for long-term investors.

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