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Initial cost
Compared to other brokers 69%
the system
User-friendliness level 97%
Ddiversity and utility 100%
Variety and availability 88%
customer service
Knowledge and helpfulness 97%
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Added value for traders 78%
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Merrill Edge one of those brokers that offers so much, there’s too little room to contain in a single review. 

The first interaction with Merrill Edge is through their website. While the look is very clean and simple, the site offers loads of information, all the way back to 1784. The brand itself was founded in 1998, under the Bank of America brand. 

Merrill Edge is well-established thanks to many years in the industry and its connection to Bank of America. Thus it has the financial power to offer a very appealing cash reward program, which is determined by the invested sum over a certain amount of time. Its base of operations is in the US, but it runs branches all around the world, enabling it to be available for their clients 24/7 – even when markets are closed. 

When it comes to trading platforms – Merrill Edge has solutions for any device, and all designed with clean simplicity, which makes the whole system very user-friendly. As far as trading instruments go – it would appear they provide their clients with access to any kind of instrument out there. 

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Thanks to many years in the business, Merrill Edge seems to have developed a firm grasp on the needs of clients, and so they have come up with investment plans that are relevant to modern life. That means they have programs for people who want to save for retirement, for people who are starting out, for people who wish to build wealth, to people saving for college, people who are in retirement, and more. Their life-stages programs show a true understanding of their clients. 

Another great feature is the different levels of personal service. A client can self-manage should they choose to. Clients who have less trading and investing knowledge may choose to have a professional financial advisor handling their case, with varying levels of involvement. 

We see this broker as an excellent choice for most traders, except for experienced traders looking to trade in a wide range of securities. The only downside is the high enrollment fee. We would also state that the fine print provides very strict rules and guidelines regarding their cashback program and their investing programs. We recommend having a thorough read through that fine print before making a decision. 

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