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Initial cost
Compared to other brokers 82%
the system
User-friendliness level 92%
Ddiversity and utility 100%
Variety and availability 83%
customer service
Knowledge and helpfulness 63%
additional features
Added value for traders 86%
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Initial interaction with the Wealthfront site is quite pleasant. Very modern and appealing design coupled with clear, transparent information makes it an excellent site for information about the company. 

All the information is conveniently available in one place, with no need to search elsewhere, and the sign-up page provides a short quiz to help visitors find the best route for them. 


Wealthfront charges a management fee of 0.25% except for cash accounts, which don’t have a management fee. They also have a $500 account minimum, which many other brokers do not have. There are no extra fees for transfers or closing accounts. A policy of free departure indicates a broker with faith in their own service and an understanding that a client can leave at any time. 

Wealthfrom also offer daily tax-loss harvesting on taxable accounts and free automatic rebalancing. 

Besides brokerage services, Wealthfront also offers the ability to link outside accounts to the wealthfront account and a portfolio line of credit. Furthermore, they offer financial planning tools free of charge even to people who aren’t registered as Wealthfrot clients. 

Wealthfrom only has 2 issues we could find: the first is that they don’t offer fractional shares, thus not all the money in the account is being used, and they don’t offer human portfolio management. Like several other brokers, this too is a robo-broker,but a very advanced one at that. 

That said, Wealthfront does offer email support as well as phone assistance which is available during Eastern time business hours. 

If you’re not sure about trading – we would recommend a service with no sign up or no management fees. That was you can learn a little and get some experience before you decide if trading is something you’re serious about. 

If you’re serious about trading, this broker is as good as any. Their fees are lower than other brokers in most cases, and they provide a real bang for your buck with their smart robo-advisor. 

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