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We know how difficult it is to find the right broker. It’s hard to know which broker to trust.

Our finance experts analyze the world’s different forex brokers, so you won’t have to. Here, you can compare the various brokers, with their advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing the right broker for you can only be done from a well-informed position. Get well-informed with us.


Multiple investment instruments and a variety of platforms for all devices, make this broker a great choice.


An award-winning broker based in Cypress, EverFX maintains branches around the world to provide brokerage services for most of the world. 

Trading platforms
250 $
Initial investment
International branches
12000 +
Trading instruments

EverFX has multiple platforms that make trading very convenient anywhere. It offers access to thousands of trading instruments which means you can keep a very diverse portfolio. 

Their coup de grace is a free educational center that can help traders of any level mobilize between the levels of trading experience. 

A nice recent addition to this broker’s service is a gift shop where you can purchase gifts in exchange for points you earn for investing. 

The only downside is in the minimum initial investment, which is higher than many other brokers. That said, if you’re serious about a long-term trading career, you might prefer a great broker, even for the extra $50. You earn this sum back eventually through points anyway.  

This broker is definitely one of our top choices. 


A strong connection to Bank of America means a very safe and highly regulated trading experience.


An experienced broker with multiple awards in its pocket. Based in the US with branches around the world allows Merrill Edge to be available for its clients 24/7.

Years of history
600 $+
4000 +
12000 +
Trading instruments

Merrill Edge is a great choice for most types of traders. This experienced broker keeps its finger on the pulse of its potential clients, offering a variety of investing programs for the different llife stages and different goals of each client. 

With the Bank of America at its back, it provides access to any type of trading instrument, as well as varrying levels of personal assistance from expert financial advisors. 

Merrill Edge is great for any level of investor, including those who know nothing about investing and are unable to manage their own portfolio. This is one of our top 10 favorites and with lots of reasons. 


A unique niche based on social equality and promoting women in society.


This unique broker is doing things differently. With the lowest account opening fee in the market (as low as $1), this really is a broker everyone can join. 

1 $
membership fee
0 $
Investment minimum
central location
84.5 M$
total funding

This female-run broker supports social equality and the betterment of women in society. With these noble goals it provides access to its services for as little as $1 per membership. This broker is designed to help women mainly, but men are welcome clients as well. 

The low fee is made possible by the paucity of human interaction – all portfolios are managed by a bot with no human service, unless the client pays an extra fee. 

The broker also offers training sessions and tutorials online to anyone for free, and coaching sessions with humans for a discounted fee for members, or full fee for nonmembers. 

This is an excellent broker for anyone, predominantly inexperienced traders, people with an interest in promoting women in society, and goal-oriented traders. 


Based in the US, Robinhood provides service only inside the US.


A free trading app everyone can afford. No account fee, no account minimum, and no commissions makes this the trading app for all. 

Years of history
600 $+
4000 +
12000 +
Trading instruments

Robinhood’s success is no surprise, as it doesn’t charge its clients anything unless they want to leave. 

While they only offer customer service via email and do not offer any peripheral services, their trading app is very easy to use. They offer nearly instantenous deposits of up to $1,000, and high interest on savings. They also offer a 30% interest on savings, which is nearly unheard of. 

This broker may not be everyone’s favorite, but it’s great for experienced traders who prefer to use their mobile device for trading. It’s also a great broker for those who can appreciate Robinhood’s no commission policy which can be a source of significant savings. 

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